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Article provided by: Fitprosthetics

Foot Prosthetic Salt Lake

Fit Prosthetics is a leading prosthetics and orthotics services company located in Salt Lake City. We are committed to easing our patients' lives and not letting any physical disability stop them from achieving their dreams. We aim to help our patients get the best treatment and live their life in a completely fit and normal way with good mobility and confidence. Years of dedication to the service and our team's passion have resulted in us having many customers that rely on us, and we consider them as a family.

Our Services: We work with and use a wide range of below the knee prosthetics models made by manufacturers such as Ossur, Ottock, College Park, and Freedom, amongst many others. The most commonly demanded models in our Salt Lake City foot prosthetic center are the Cheetah Feet, ProFlex Feet, Cheetah Xplore, and College Park Soleusn. The Cheetah Xplore, a direct laminated to the socket style prosthesis, is a team favorite.

Our Team: Our team consists of professionals who are passionate about providing you with the best prosthetics experience. We at Fit Prosthetics do not think of our patients as mere another number to add to our list of success. We care about our customers who put their trust in us for something such life-altering as prosthetic, and we aim to provide you with the best experience possible, making customer satisfaction our prime goal. Only certified professionals with years of experience and good conduct are part of our team to ensure that our patients have a great and successful experience.

The process: The first step that we carry out to provide all our patients with the best pediatric orthotic and prosthetic service when they come to us in search of good prosthetics is carrying out a thorough evaluation. We inquire about their life's various aspects, such as their hobbies, medical history, family-life, physique, vocation, environment, etc. We suggest and provide them with the custom prosthesis that we think is best suited for them while keeping their preference and style in mind. For example, a patient with an athletic background and interests will be recommended a different prosthesis than someone who is old and does not require much physical exertion. We are fully aware of how the patient may have several questions and doubts in their mind before committing to a prosthetic and hence our team is fully trained always first to ensure that the patient is 100% satisfied with the choice of prosthetics, is fully trusting of the process, and at complete ease. The prosthetics are then custom-built, and fabricated in-house in our Salt Lake City foot prosthetic Murray Office, by a team of highly trained experts. Perhaps this is what makes our company, Fit Prosthetics, the Best foot prosthetics near SLC, as reviewed by amputees that we have served and helped in their daily lives.

Contact us: To schedule an appointment with us or learn more about our services, products, and foot prosthetics contact us today at: (801) 912-0500

Foot Prosthetic Salt Lake
Foot Prosthetic Salt Lake
154 E Myrtle Ave Ste 100
Murray UT 84107

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